Tuesday, April 30, 2013


We had a GREAT Easter!  It was fun to see Mya get into it this year!
Dying Easter eggs Saturday Night
All dry!
Growing up, the Easter Bunny always hid our baskets, I loved it and decided to do that for our kids...even though we had to help this year.  Hopefully she'll be able to find it on her own next year. :)

All ready for church!  It was SO bright!

We unfortunately don't have anyone that could take our family picture, so here are a bunch of individual ones.

Preston and Jared matched - we actually bought these ties before Preston was born - this was his first time wearing it.

We were fortunate and didn't have to buy a new Easter dress - this is the same one from last year.  She looks just as adorable. :)

Cute little stud!

After dinner we had a little Easter egg hunt.  Preston didn't really care too much.
Mya on the other hand, LOVED every minute and wanted to find eggs over and over!
All done!

Yep - fake grass is much more fun than eggs!

I was trying to get cute pics of the kids today, but Mya wasn't in the mood, this and the next picture I think show her personality really well. :)

Such a handsome little guy!

Much better!

Here is a picture of our beautiful dyed Easter eggs!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013


We had a lot of fun in March - lots of pictures to show for it! :)

Found a fun hat at the store - didn't spend the $20 for it tho...
Started to crawl!
Happy Birthday to me!

Stroller rides.
Fun warm day!

She got a sliver in her finger - and she was showing us.  If you look close, you can see it - it was a pretty big one considering.
Preston had a little accident - I was getting lunch ready and had my back turned to where he was, next thing I know he's screaming and head first out our back door.  His lip was pretty fat the rest of the day.  Poor little guy. :(

Side profile of his adorable fat lip - and I can't get enough of his big blue eyes!

We love suckers, especially ones that turn our tongues fun colors!

My sister came over and helped me make bread - not terrible for my first attempt.  They've gotton a little more even with practice.

Learning how to pull himself up.

Too scared to get back down.  I love their learning process!

Dandelions smell so nice!

He's got a lot on his mind!

Awesome hair!

This girl gets these dirt lines on her face ALL the time!

We rented this big guy to til the garden - got it out there, and it wouldn't work - awesome...

So we ended up with this little guy. :)

Had to add a bunch of other kinds of dirt to make the soil nice and "rich"

We have tomatoes, carrots, beets, cucumber, squash and cilantro growing!  Can't wait until we get to pick something!!!

Jared's parents had a house built down here, we got to watch it be built from the dirt up, it is pretty amazing how quickly houses can be built these days!

Because it was a construction site, there were HUGE tractors and Mya loved playing on them!

Messy boy!

Such a cute smile - and getting so many teeth.

Monday, April 15, 2013


Just some random pictures of our February.
It started with a blow...and thankfully we haven't had another one since! :)
Falling asleep on the couch!
Discovering new talents!
Found a new (Authentic) Mexican Restaurant with Al Pastor...mmmmmm!
Coloring outside.
Jedi in training... :)
Took a quick trip to Vegas and let Mya get some expensive M&M's.
This is the most "snow" we saw - this was more a slush/hail mixture tho.
Asleep in the bouncer again.
Rapunzel birthday party for Cousin Isabel - Mya LOVED hearing the story and playing princess.  My talented mom made her beautiful dress!
We all got helmets for our bike rides!
Mya started screaming one day - we rushed into her room and found her like this. :)
We inherited a Tigger costume - Mya wore it for like 2 days straight, with Princess shoes of course.
We're trying to get Mya to understand how to ride her Strider bike - we're still working on it.
The kids love going on bike rides - with them being pulled in the trailer of course.  The Virgin River is only about 5-7 mins away and has an awesome trail we like to ride on.
One more strange sleeping position.  Both the kids sleep in pretty funny positions quite often.